Kerani presents :

New single "Drive" (2018)

Air pollution in big cities and climate change force us to alter the way we think about transport. We need to produce cars and other motorised vehicles which no longer emit harmful gases. DRIVE was inspired by innovations and technological advancements in the electric car industry that help create a healthier environment.
We all want a better and cleaner future and I am glad that the car manufacturers are focussing on this issue.

DRIVE is a lively up tempo instrumental with a solid beat. Enjoy!

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"STARDUST" (album, 2017)

STARDUST has officially been nominated by the #ZMR (#Zonemusicreporter) in 2 categories:
Album of the Year & Best Neo-Classical Album

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Kerani’s 5th release, called
STARDUST is a space-themed album that was recorded with the Roermond Symphonie Orchestra, conducted by Christiaan Janssen, and the mixed vocal ensemble Canto Rinato, conducted by Anton Kropivšek.
Kerani, award-winning New Age composer and arranger, plays the piano and a wide range of synthesizers and is joined by a number of professional musicians such as Terry Oldfield (flute), Romain van Beek (guitars) and Erwin Gielen (drums). Wilfred Sassen and Siana Dragneva (solo violin), Joanne Wigmans (solo viola), Joep Willems (solo cello) and Lars Wachelder and Cleo Simons (French horns) - all connected to the Symphonie Zuid and the Dutch National Symphonic Orchestra - reinforced the team. In total, 60 musicians have participated in this elaborate project, which was lead by executive producer Arno Op den Camp. Multi-GRAMMY® & Latin GRAMMY® Award Winning producer and New York Times bestselling author, Kabir Sehgal takes credit for the album liner notes.

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"Equilibrium" (album, 2015)

Nominated for ZMR Music Award Best Neo-Classical New-Age Album of 2015
Nominated for the OWM Award for Best Electronic Album
Nominated for the Reviews New Age Award for Best Album of the Year 2016

On Equilibrium, top new age keyboardist Kerani uses her music to honor the women of the world, feminine energy, important women in history, and female traits and talents. “I want to see a return to the original perfect male-female balance of harmony and equality on our planet,” she says.

“With this album I wish to bring homage to all women who took it upon themselves throughout history to go against the tide,” explains Kerani. “I pay tribute to those who showed intellect, vision and courage, especially when they defended their causes, followed their calling irrevocably, and were persecuted or even killed for their exceptional knowledge and perseverance. May their spirit shine brightly forever!”

With Equilibrium, her fourth album, she solidifies her position as one of the top keyboardists, composers and arrangers in the neo-classical and new age music genres. Her previous album, Arctic Sunrise, went to #2 on the international Zone Music Reporter Chart for this type of music, got airplay on hundreds of radio stations worldwide, was a Top 10 album on the annual ZMR rankings and won the ZMR Neo-Classical Album of the Year Award.

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Arctic Sunrise (album, 2014)

ZMR Music Award Winner Best Neo-Classical New-Age Album of 2014

Arctic Sunrise Cover

“In this time of global climate change with the polar caps melting more than ever before,” explains Kerani, “I felt it was important to call attention to these beautiful and important Arctic and Antarctic wilderness areas.”

The music focuses on her piano and synth playing supplemented here and there with guest musicians on violin, cello, guitar, horn and flute, plus percussion, drums, some nature sounds and a little wordless vocalizing by Kerani. The tunes were inspired by the native Inuit Indians of the Arctic region, an ill-fated British expedition to the South Pole in 1911, the country of Norway, the Northern Lights, huge blocks of ice breaking off the polar caps and drifting out to sea, and an appreciation for these spectacular wilderness regions. This new age music, “a true tribute to the mysterious worlds of ice,” is delicate one moment and majestic the next, and is filled with musical imagery, spirituality, grandeur and mystery.

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The Journey (album, 2012)

The music on this album tells the story of everyone's journey; whether it is physical or emotional. This recording takes you to faraway places and countries you have more than likely seen in your dreams. Let your heart and imagination take it from there. Godspeed!

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Wings of Comfort (album, 2011)

Nothing captures one's heart more than music. It is the sole universal language that reflects our thoughts and feelings. Music can lead us through a myriad of emotions. The power of sound is ever present whether we are aware of it or not. While creating these three long meditative pieces, I felt their healing and soothing effect. I hope you can feel it too. Blessings.

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